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Services offered

Utility Management: We work from the ground up and we are able to offer a number of services from Meter Reading to Energy Consulting. Although we prefer to do the meter reading ourselves, the emphasis of our business is on minimizing the loss in electricity and water for clients, bearing in mind that we scrutinize the Council\supply authority charges at the same time. Further to the above, our monthly services include the following :

• DA Metering reads all of the meters regularly each month, on the same date, where possible.
• DA Metering then prepares a schedule / return for your accounts department, along with tenant metering slips where necessary, with all electronic data on e-mail ready for direct import onto your system.
• A copy of the return is also sent to the relevant Centre / Property / Portfolio Manager.
• DA Metering then simultaneously checks Council accounts and establishes the correctness of these.
• A report is furnished with the current income and expenditure listed and tabled for monthly discussion.
• Metering, substations and switch rooms of buildings are visually checked each month for any signs of tampering or defects.
• Tenant queries regarding water and electricity charges can be dealt with and resolved directly via our ‘Help Desk’. Our system allows us to call up histories and averages on all tenants and meters.

Power factor: installations, maintenance, servicing and repairs

Meter Installations & Replacements: DA Metering installs and replaces almost any type of static or remote meter to suit our client’s needs. This is done as and when required.

Tarriff Studies: The by-laws state that the tenant must receive the exact same tariff structure from the landlord/owner of the utility account as the one he/she would have had, if supplied directly from the local supply authority. The tariff structure must also be applied correctly to avoid credits, disputes and ultimately loss of income.

Utility Auditing: Helping our clients understand their electricity usage and thereby saving them money is our business. Our first step in doing so is studying our clients’ premises and electricity usage habits. We conduct a detailed audit on our clients’ operations including electricity and water meters, making special notes of key areas where money is being lost and efficient energy management can be implemented. We then meet with our clients and supply them with a report that gives them a better understanding of their energy consumption. We also provide recommendations and an energy management plan tailored to our clients’ needs.

Power factor correction

Power Factor Correction is an electrical device that prevents the wastage of excess power.

All Large power users (LPU’s) should have Power Factor Correction units installed and maintained. This includes factories, shopping malls, large retail stores and business parks.

Power Factor Correction is an essential tool for Large Power Users in saving energy and money by lessening the kVa usage, resulting in substantial savings on a monthly basis.

Power Factor Correction is also vital in reducing the load capacity on a supply